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google_check_calendar (SBSL Command)

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This command queries your Google Calendar and receives today's events.


google_check_calendar CALENDAR_ID TIME_FORMAT

Command parameters

The following table explain the entries of the command:

Entry Description
CALENDAR_ID the ID of your Google Calendar
TIME_FORMAT the time format, string:
  • AM/PM for 12-hours format
  • 24HR for 24-hours format


This command queries your Google Calendar and receives today's events. The text string is being composed using these events and saved to $google_result (you can send this text using im command).

Obtaining calendar ID

Important: your calendar should be shared to make it available. See the step-by-step instructions below open Your Google Calendar:

  1. Open calendar menu and choose "Share this Calendar":
    SBSL google check calendar-1.jpg
  2. Tick "Make this calendar public":
  3. Then go to "Calendar Details" and copy "Calendar ID":
    SBSL google check calendar-3.jpg


The following SBSL code sends your calendar to everyone who IMs the bot:

instant_message {
    google_check_calendar AM/PM
    im $speaker_name $google_result

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