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SBSL User Variables

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SBSL supports two types of variables:

  • pre-defined variables: the ones which come automatically with SBSL Events,
  • user variables: the ones discussed in this section.

User variables

User variables are script-wide variables which hold their values for unlimited time. Here's the short example of SBSL code:

# Define user variables
var $my_counter
var $last_contact
chat_message {
  # increase the counter
  set $last_contact $speaker_name
  # report to the owner
  im Glaznah Gassner Chat messages received so far: $my_counter, last message by $last_contact


Each user variable much be defined before usage. The variable is being defined above all events using the var keyword.

var $my_counter

Setting the value

There are two ways to set the variable value:

  1. increment: ++ operator.
    This operation increases the variable by 1. If variable value was not a number, this converts it to number 1.
  2. set to specific value: set keyword.
    You can use the pre-defined and user variables to compose the resulting value.
set $last_contact $speaker_name

Using the variable

The user variable can be used as any other system variable within a command:

im Glaznah Gassner Chat messages received so far: $my_counter, last message by $last_contact

Variable life time

The variable value is being stored forever, despite of bot restarts, expirations or other factors.