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SSTI Changelog

This page contains the changelog of SmartShare Tenant Inviter.

Version 3.0

Version 2.0

  • Expiration reminders
  • Box tenant change support
  • Automatic box updater
  • Web interface and script improvements

New config directive:


Version 1.9

  • automatic tenant eject has been improved (more reliable now)

Version 1.8

  • fixed pop-up issue preventing tenants from using Hippo menu
  • existing guest/partners are now automatically reinvited to the group

Version 1.7

  • ability to use several SSTI servers on the same sim (see the server config notecard, CLOUD option)

Version 1.6

  • minor fixes to Hippo box' partner name processing

Version 1.5

  • ability to select nearby avatars from menu (rather typing their names)
  • ability to use UUIDs to invite guests and partners

Version 1.4

  • any number of group managers can be added using SmartBots web account
  • workaround for V2 viewer to display Hippo box menu
  • automatically updates Hippo box "partner" caption
  • web URLs are now secure