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SSTI for land owners

SmartBots SmartShare Tenant inviter sends an automatic invite to your tenant once rent is paid. It also enables the tenants to invite guests (if they want to rez something) and partners (if they share the land with them) into the group.

Features for Landlords

  • Able to invite residents once they pay rent
  • Can invite to custom role
  • Resident ejected on boot/when time expires
  • Allows tenant to invite partners and guests
  • Able to choose how much partners and guests per tenant
  • Partners and guests get ejected with tenant
  • Web Panel to manage tenants (see below)

Web Panel

The SSTI web panel shows land owners their current tenants and their guests:


The web panel also allows you to directly remove tenants and their guests/partners from the group. This does not end their rental period however. To end their rental and eject them use the boot function in the Hippo Rental box

Dealing With Griefers

If someone invites a griefer into the group you can find out who it is even if they have left the group. Simply search for the residents name to see their history:


With this you can eject the tenant who invited the spammer and add them both to the black list. If the invite to group ability is turned off for everyone except the bot then they wont be able to join again (the bot wont invite them if they are on the black list).