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SSTI for tenants

As a tenant that has access to SSTI the following features will be available to you (depending on how your landlord has configured the device):

  • Invite guests into the group (so they can rez objects, enter the parcel etc)
  • Invite partners into the group (people who you share rent with)
  • ReInvite your self to the group if you accidentally left (as long as you still have a valid rental period)
  • Eeject partners/guests from the group


The SSTI popup menu is displayed whenever you touch your rental box:

Button Description
Invite This allows you to invite a new partner/guest or reinvite yourself into the group
Eject Allows you to eject a partner or guest from the group
List all Shows a list of all your guests and partners in local chat
Help Sends you a notecard with instructions on how to use the menu
Hippo menu Disables the SSTI menu from appearing the next time you click it. Menu will be displayed if you click again.

Additional Information

  • When inviting a friend use ONLY their real sl account name NOT their Display name (e.g. "Denis Resident" instead of "Super Man Denis")
  • Remember that your landlord is able to track who is invited and who leaves/gets removed from the group. Your invitations are being logged.
  • You are able to invite a limited number of partners and guests at a time. If you wish to invite more you will need to remove someone first

Usage Tips

  1. Make sure your guest is inworld so you can check if they have received the invite.
  2. Some residents using V2 dont see the group invite as it is hidden under notifications at the bottom right of their screen.
  3. Check that the resident has a spare slot for a group before sending an invite
  4. You may have to wait 1 minute after sending the invitation due to lag
  5. You can invite guests only by using your Hippo Rent Box