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SSTI Hippo Rental Reminder

SSTI server is able to notify your tenants when their rental is about to expire (or has already expired).

This can be done by using the EXPIRE REMINDER option in SSTI config notecard.


The option format is the following:

EXPIRE REMINDER = rental-days-left|message-to-send


  • rental-days-left is the number of rental days remaining
  • message-to-send is the message to send

You can set as much reminders as you need, each on a separate line.


message-to-send can contain special variables which will be replaced with actual values:

  •  %DAYS% - the number of days remaining
  •  %SLURL% - the SLUrl of the box (to allow quick teleports for customer)
  •  %TENANT% - full tenant name (e.g. "Glaznah Gassner" or "Tenant Resident")
  •  %TENANT_FNAME% - tenant's first name (e.g. "Glaznah" or "Tenant")

Days in arrears

To send reminders to tenants in arrears, set the number of days to a negative number . Example:

EXPIRE REMINDER = -1|You are 1 day arrears your rental!

Multi-line IMs

To send a multi-line Instant Message use this character: ¶

EXPIRE REMINDER = 1|This is a first line of the IM.¶ This is a second line.


The reminder message is being delivered directly from the bot managing your group.

IMPORTANT: The reminders are being checked once a hour. So, if the tenants time changes to 1 day remaining, he will get a reminder within next 60 minutes.

Testing your reminders

You may want to test the reminders with your alt. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Setup the 6th-day reminder and then rent a box with your alt. The hover text will display "Remaining: 6 days" and you'll get a notification within a hour.
  2. Setup a 1-day reminder, then rent a box with your alt.
    1. touch the Hippo box with the owner of the box's avatar,
    2. click "Edit", then "Length" from the menu
    3. set the remaining time to 1 day
    4. You will also get a notification within 60 minutes.
  3. By touching your SSTI server and clicking on the "Test remndr" button:
    SSTI reminder test.png