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Configuring group for SSTI

To use all the features provided by SmartShare Tenant Inviter, you have to configure your Second Life group correctly.


You have to provide the following abilities to the SmartBots bot managing your group:

  1. "Invite People to this Group" (to invite tenants and guests)
  2. "Eject Members from this Group" (to eject ex-tenants)

If you invite to roles other than "Everyone", there are additional requirements:

  1. Bot has to be in all roles you use, and have the following abilities:
  2. "Assign Members to Assigner's Roles" (to put tenants/guests to specific role)
  3. "Remove Members from Roles" (to remove tenants/guests from role before ejection)

Live Support

If you have any difficulties assigning the abilities, please contact a support manager.