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SSTI Config Notecard

For SSTI to function properly you need to edit the configuration note card by filling out the different variables: SSTI Config.png

Variable Description

Group config

GROUP NAME This is the name of the group, it must be exactly the same as it is on the website.
SECRET CODE This is the Security Code for the group that was set earlier. See Security code.

Guest/partners config

MAX PARTNERS Maximum number of partners each tenant can have. Default is 2.
MAX GUESTS Maximum number of guests each tenant can have. Default is 3.
ROLE NAMES These are the roles that the bot will invite the different persons to.


EXPIRE REMINDER Use this option to send expiration reminders to your tenants:

EXPIRE REMINDER = days-to-remind|Message-to-send
See SSTI Hippo Rental Reminder for more info.

Multiple installations

CLOUD This is used if you are using more than one server on a sim

To configure SSTI simply edit the variables to your suiting and click save. The device will reboot with the new configuration.

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