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Updating SSTI devices

If you already have SSTI installed, follow these steps to update your installation to the newer version:

Step 1. Get updated package at SL Marketplace

Visit the Second Life Marketplace and get the most recent device: click here.

Step 2. Update SSTI server

  1. Rez the new SSTI server somewhere on your sim. Ignore the warning:("more than one server found")
  2. Open the ".config" notecard in the new server and copy settings from the old ".config" notecard one by one (don't copy the whole config - you may miss new options)
  3. Take the old server into your inventory so it disappears from the sim
  4. Save new the ".config" notecard

Note: saving ".config" after removing the old server is important. The new server will re-read its configuration and connect with your Hippo boxes.

Step 3. Update Hippo boxes

  1. The scripts in the Hippo boxes are now updated automatically! Just touch your new server and select "Upd. Boxes".

The update process takes some time (aprox. 3 seconds per box). Please be patient and let the process finish. You can log off from Second Life after starting the update process: your online/offline presence will not affect the process.