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CasperLet Personal Bots

Bulk Group Invites with Personal Bots

Setting up your personal bot to use with CasperLet is similar to Group Services.

NOTE: Model Personal Bots will not work, as they are not able to manage Groups. You can read more information about the difference here.
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To configure your CasperLet with Personal Bot for L$ 479 per week:

  1. Click "Add bot" in your Group Bots and Select 'SmartBots Personal Bot'.
  2. Insert your bots SL Name under "Bots Name" and paste your Bot's Access Code in "Security Code"
  3. Insert the role name where you wish your tenants to be invited.

Additional Info

CasperLet PB 2.png

  • If you wish the following bot to invite tenants: enabe "Use this personal bot group invites" and select the group
  • To use your bot for rental reminders, enable the option: "use this bot for in-world notices"
  • Please do not forget to make a test invite/eject by the end of setup!