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MuteList (add-on)

This is a bot add-on:

1. Get this addon:
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MuteList is an add-on for Personal Bots to allow blocking avatars and objects in Second Life.

Mute List main page.png

The interface is very user-friendly and obvious. You can maintain the block lists from our web interface, even if you block someone from bot's Viewer - interface will update accordingly.

Mute List control page.png

Adding block entries

You can create several types of block entries:

  • Avatar by SL name or UUID
  • Object by name
  • Object by UUID

To create a new block entry for avatar or object, click Add a new entry and select the appropriate type.

Mute list new entry.png


To unblock an entry, visit your Mute List Control page and select any item in the list that you'd like. The option "Unblock" will appear on-click.

Mute List unblock.png