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ToolBox 2013 for Sponsors

The SmartBots ToolBox 2013 contest is being organized to attract attention of SL developers (they participate in the contest) and business owners (they vote for tools they like).

ToolBox 2013 contest will be given a consistent coverage by SL mass media:

Sponsorship Types

There are following sponsorship programs available:

  • Reward Sponsors provide prizes to winners, and bonuses to participants
  • Media Sponsors provide the coverage for contest
  • General Sponsors combine both Reward and Media programs

To compensate your efforts, we provide a promotional package for your business:

  • reference in all contest materials (news, announcements, articles): company name and URL/SLURL
  • business review in "SL Business Observer" by one of our best authors
  • advertisement in "SL Business Observer" (up to 4 full-page ads)
  • reference at the sponsors board at Award Ceremony

General sponsors also receive:

  • personal board at Award Ceremony
  • advertisement in Award Ceremony video

What do we expect from sponsors

We expect you help in the following areas:

As a Reward Sponsor you may provide:

  • the L$ prize for contest winners and/or
  • if your company provides a service in SL - free service for winners, discounts for participants,
  • if your company sells SL stuff - free items for winners, discounts for participants.

As a Media Sponsor you may provide:

  • coverage of the contest progress at your media resources (website, blog, forum) and/or
  • coverage in your SL location (put contest boards, send message to your customers)

Questions? Willing to apply?

If you want to know more about sponsorship, have your own offers and wish to apply, send an email to