Strip Dancer Alive Bot

Bot Store Entertainment Strip Dancer Alive Bot
The strip dancer bot dances & strips on demand of your customers!

The bot dances in your location (you can use supplied dance animations or use your own ones) and asks visitors to pay tips.

As soon as visitor pays to the avatar bot strips one item of her clothes! You decide how far the undressing process may go (probably according to your region maturity rating).


1. Attach the Strip Dancer add-on to your bot.
2. Setup the outfit folders according to instructions (see docs link).
3. Configure the payment amount and various messages.
4. See your bot dancing!

Strip Dancer wears her items back if nobody pays her for specific time (you configure this behavior). She is also able to invite nearby people to come and see her.


Visit DuoLife/218/141/32 for a live demonstration (the payment is L$1, feel free to experiment).
Purchase can be refunded within 3 days
(No Questions policy)

Author: SmartBots

Get support: SmartBots

Item type: Bot add-on