Bank Bot

Know more about your bots' finances. Get transaction notifications, schedule payments, setup mass payments using a calendar.


* See all your bots' balance summary on one page
* Send money from bot's balance
* Setup lindens transaction notifications
* Schedule payments on a calendar

Bank Bot addon is designed to control the balances and money transactions of all your bots. The handy summary page shows L$ balances and provides an access to other features: payment notifications and payment calender.

Payment notifications allow you (or your partner, or staff) to know when your bot receives and sends money. You get an IM from bot when transaction happens.

Payment calendar allows scheduling payments (salaries, payouts). The scheduled payments are displayed on a calendar. You see the whole picture even if you have multiple bots.


No special setup is required. After attaching addon to your bot, navigate to the Bank Bot page and start managing your finances.
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Author: SmartBots

Item type: Bot add-on