Group Tenancy

Rent out your Second Life group membership!

Group Tenancy allows you to invite resident to your group for a price and limited time. Thus, resident pays the terminal and becomes your group tenant.

After the tenancy period expires, resident gets ejected from the group automatically.

You do not longer have to maintain members expiration lists manually. Your bot does everything for you!


* Set the rent time and price (e.g. "L$99 for 7 days")
* Set the retention period (e.g. "wait 1 day before ejection")
* Works with closed membership groups
* Automatically invite tenant to the required role
* Automatically eject expired tenants
* Set up greeting/notification IMs
* View current tenants or the whole group members
* View payments history

Group Tenancy add-on is designed to help you renting out your SL group membership. The web interface provides an access to active members list, payment history and all group members.

The add-on also comes with special Group Tenancy terminal to allow your group members to pay for their membership.


No special setup is required. After attaching an add-on to your bot, navigate to the Group Tenancy page and add your group.
Purchase can be refunded within 3 days
(No Questions policy)

Author: SmartBots

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Item type: Bot add-on