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SSTI Server API Reference

This page lists all available SSTI Server API events and commands. For a general API overview, click here.

SSTI Box API Reference

Command/Event Description


SSTI_SERV_API_GET_GROUP Requests the name of the group SSTI currently manages.
SSTI_SERV_API_GET_CLOUD Get the current SSTI cloud group number.
SSTI_SERV_API_BOX_CUSTOM_BUTTON Requests all connected SSTI boxes to set the title of unused menu button (usually marked with "--").
SSTI_SERV_API_GET_PARAM Allows requesting your own custom variables from SSTI Config Notecard.


SSTI_SERV_EVENT_INITIALIZED Event fires when SSTI receives the new configuration from server (for example, on group name change).
SSTI_SERV_EVENT_GROUP SSTI server sends us the group name (either by our request or after reading its config).
SSTI_SERV_EVENT_CLOUD SSTI server sends us the cloud # (either by our request or after reading its config).
SSTI_SERV_EVENT_BOX_CUSTOM_BUTTON Tenant has clicked on custom menu button in box pop-up menu.
SSTI_SERV_EVENT_PARAM Returns the previously requested custom config variable value.
SSTI_SERV_EVENT_RESET Event fires when SSTI main script has just restarted.
SSTI_SERV_EVENT_TENANT SSTI-powered Hippo box just got a new tenant.
SSTI_SERV_EVENT_NEW_GUESTPARTNER Tenant adds the new guest or partner to his box.
SSTI_SERV_EVENT_GUESTPARTNER_REMOVED Tenant just removed one of his guests/partners from the list.

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