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Safe notices delivery

General Information

As of January 30th, 2014 - Linden Labs restricted every Scripted Agent (otherwise known as bots) with messaging limits. Every bot is restricted with 5,000 messages daily. More information on messaging limits are available here

How it works with notices

For example, when you are sending one notice to a group with 3,000 members, your bot will have 2,000 messages remaining. So each member of the group counts as one individual message

Using Shared Bots

System Bots are managing your groups when using our Separate Group Services for L$ 79/week. When you are using shared bots, you also share bots messaging with other customers.

  • You should be fine by sending 2-3 notices daily.
  • Calculate how many notices you can send based on number of members your group has
  • They can successfully deliver notices while being used by less customers(Contact us to find out which bot is being used less)

Using Personal Bots

Personal Bots are your alternative avatars that you can host with SmartBots. More information for Personal Bots is available by this link

  • Personal Bots have their own messaging limits. (No sharing)
  • You should be fine with sending more notices than shared bots
  • Calculate how many notices you can send based on number of members your group has
  • You can also use QubicBot for no limits: More information here

Reliable notices delivery

Whenever you create periodic or one-time notices, you can view their delivery stats.

Delivery Stats2.png

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