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Safe notices delivery

Second Life servers may restrict the amount of notices delivered to a group. The actual limits are not known and seems to vary from group to group. Some precautions will help you to increase the success of your notice delivery.

Official limits

The only official notices limit is 2500 notices per avatar.

Experimental results

The official limits seems very optimistic, but sometimes you may be faced with more strict limitations applied by SL. Your notice may get silently discarded: usually this happens after 20 repetitive notices (nevertheless, usually you can send 30 or even 42 simultaneous notices without being capped).

Mysterious error message

Under some rare circumstances you may get the following system message after sending a notice:

"Failed to send group notice. It has been too soon since the last group notice has been sent. Please try again after a few minutes."

We've faced this message while sending 10 or more repetitive messages to the same group. After receiving this message you should stop sending all notices. SL unblocks your avatar in about 10 minutes after the last notice.

As of 06/2013, SL support staff does not know any details about this error message.

  • It seems that a 30 second delay helps to avoid this message. Lower delays' impact varies from group to group.
  • It does not matter how much notices your avatar has sent before. We've received this message while using an avatar which was offline for several months.
  • SL viewer version does not matter (Phoenix, SL Viewer, SmartBots engine, Pikkubot). We've seen this message after sending 10 messages using the native SL Viewer.

Reliable notices delivery

The best way to ensure reliable delivery is to add a delay after each notice.

SmartBots periodic notices delivery engine allows you setting custom delay when you send notices to multiple groups (10+).

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