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Security code

Group "Security Code" (also known as "Secret code") is a password for SmartBots-powered devices. It prevents other people from using and abusing your group.

Creating the Security Code

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Navigate to your account dashboard.
  3. Hover over the number of members in your group.
  4. Click 'group security code'.
  5. Create or change the security code.

The following image will help you to locate the link:

Security code v2.png

Usage of Security Code

The security code is being used everywhere you use the group name: rental plugins, SHX tools and other devices created by SmartBots partners.

Using the security code makes your group secure. Each device has its own way to specify the security code:

A. Security Code in config notecards

If your device uses the config notecards, enter your security code to the device's config notecard.

B. Using web interfaces

Some devices (like CasperVend and others) use web interface to setup your device. Copy and paste the Security Code to the web page.