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Support Bot Discord Integration

Alive Support Bot add-on for Personal Bots now includes the option to be integrated with Discord - a popular messenger application that can be downloaded to your Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

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How does it work

The integration process works as following:

  1. Visitor sends your Support Bot a message in SL
  2. Bot forwards copy of the message in your Discord channel
  3. Support Manager replies the confirmation code to the bot & picks up the support request
  4. Visitor receives notification that Support Manager is inbound to contact

Setup & Testing

BE ADVISED: These instructions assume that you purchased Alive Support Bot add-on and created Discord server

Add Support Managers

Before starting the integration process, you must add your team members to the add-on and setup their Discord usernames.

1. Visit Alive Support Bot add-on page and click Bots and Managers

First page - bots and managers.png

2. Click on bot's name and select Add manager

Add manager.png

3. Enter your Support Manager's SL name and click Proceed

Final add manager.png

4. Click on your Managers name and enter their Discord username

Click on manager.png

Add Discord Integration

Before starting this integration process, you must have Discord server created

1. Visit Alive Support Bot add-on page and click Bots and Managers

First page - bots and managers.png

2. Select Discord in the drop-down menu

Dropdown discord.png

3. Click on Open our Discord bot page

Open our discord bot page.png

4. Select your Discord server and click Authorize

Click authorize.png

5. Copy integration message and send it in your Discord's text channel chat (Read more below)

Photo 2022-05-26 22-26-52.jpg

6. Open your Discord chat and send the integration message

Photo 2022-05-26 22-26-53 (2).jpg

NOTE: Be advised, if you want Support Messages to be sent on specific text channel - you have to send integration code in that channel.

Integration Testing

At this point, if you've followed all the instructions above correctly - you can test the integration. Send a IM to your Support Bot and you should see the Discord message.

Testing integration.png

To pick up the conversation, your Support Manager must copy & paste the confirmation code in the discord chat.