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Using Pandora AI with SmartBots

Follow these steps to create a Pandora Bot and enable the IM auto responding feature for SmartBots.

Important: PandoraBot's creator added a paid service (prices). However, the free version is still available here: SmartBots work with a free version. Contact us if you want to use your paid PandoraBot subscription.

How to create a free Pandora bot

  1. Visit and create a new account
  2. Click create a Pandora bot:
  3. Select "Dr Wallace's A.L.I.C.E - March 2002" as the startup AIML:

4. Click on "properties" and configure the options to suit your needs:


Your Pandora Bot has now been created.

How to use Pandora Bot with SmartBots

Once you have created a Pandora Bot you will need to enable it to work with smartbots. To do so:

  1. Click on your bot name then click publish:
  2. Copy the "botid" from the url:
    in this case it is "def1a3e52e345400"
  3. On your personal bot hud:
    1. Click setup tab
    2. Click "IM Autoreply" and then click "pandorabot" on the popup menu
    3. Enter the "botid"
    4. Click submit
    5. Click "IM Autoreply" and click "on/off" on the popup

Your SmartBots bot is now using a custom Pandora Bot AI Autoresponder.