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Bot missing abilities

If you get a warning that bot has no abilities in the group, this means that bot lacks specific permission from you:

  • Group Inviter service - "Invite People to this Group"
  • Group Chat service - "Join Chat"
  • Notices service - "Send Notices"
  • Translator service - "Join Chat" (to read and send group messages)

Resolving the problem

To assign the necessary ability use the documentation page:

Important: known SL glitch

Sometimes you do put the bot into the role, but the abilities do not appear (this is visible while clicking on the bot in the members list).

In this case:

  1. Move bot out of the role,
    Uncheck this V1.png
  2. Click "Save" or "Apply",
    Click to save V1.png
  3. Assign bot to the role again.
    Role saved V1.png