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Inviting and ejecting from custom role

1. Inviting to the custom role

To invite people to custom group role (other than "Everyone") you need to do the following:

  1. Enable "Invite new residents"
  2. Enable "Assign to any role"
  3. Enable the "Assign Members to Assigner's Role"
  4. Add bot to the desired role.

If you miss any of these requirements, the group invitation will appear, but resident will receive the error message: "Unable to join group. The person who invited you lacks the required group powers."

2. Ejecting members from non-Everyone role

To eject group members do the following:

  1. Enable "Eject members from group"
  2. Enable "Remove Members From Roles"
  3. Add bot to the role you will eject from.


If you want to invite people to the "Tenants" role, you have to complete the following steps:

  1. Open your group settings in SL viewer
  2. Edit the "SmartBots" role:
  3. Put bot to "Tenants" role (in addition to "Everyone" and "SmartBots")
  4. Setup your Interface Device (NOT required for Casper, Hippo and other 3rd-party services and plugins):
    1. Login to your SmartBots web account
    2. Locate your group and click on "stats & options" link (GROUP INVITER section)
    3. Click on "Interface options" tab
    4. Specify the role in "Invite to role:" field

Common SL glitch

Currently there is a common SL glitch with eject, Instructions to troubleshooting the issue available here