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Setting up bot for invitations, viewer v1

(These instructions relate to SL v1 viewer, and all third-party viewers based on v1, e.g. Singularity. For v3 viewer instructions, see here)

To send direct group invites you have to give abilities to the bot. It's easy if you're experienced, otherwise you can follow our instructions below.

We will do the following actions:

  1. Create the "SmartBots" role in your group, with invitation abilities.
  2. Add your bot to this role.

(We assume that bot is already in your group. If not, click here)

1. Create a new "SmartBots" role

To send direct invitations to Second Life residents, the Invite People to this Group ability must be set .

  1. Open group profile, Members & Roles => Roles tab.
  2. Click on Create New Role
  3. Set SmartBots as the role name, and SmartBots Bot as the title
  4. Important: Check Invite People to this Group ability.
  5. Click Apply button.
Assign permissions to bot.png

2. Add bot to the "SmartBots" role

Now let's add bot to the new SmartBots role.

  1. Switch to Members tab and locate the bot in members list.
  2. Check the "SmartBots" role checkbox under Assigned Roles.
  3. Click on Apply.
Assign role to bot.png

Need more help?

If you experience any troubles, contact our managers in-world. They will guide you through the setup process.