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How to pay for Additional Services

Locate SmartBots terminal. The easiest way is to teleport to SmartBots office. You can also use SmartBots Terminals in partner locations.

NOTE: Before following these steps you should have already placed an order for the service you wish to pay for


  1. Touch SmartBots Terminal:
    Pay for bot 0.jpg
  2. Click on the "Payments..." button:
    Pay for bot 1.jpg
  3. A invoice appears whenever you have a pending payment which shows you what the invoice is for and the cost as well as some instructions
    Aditional Services 1.png
  4. Right click on the terminal and select pay
    Pay for bot 5.jpg
  5. Click the button showing the amount to pay to complete the payment
    Aditional Services 3.png

The service is now paid or and you should receive a confirmation message form your bot shortly (depending on which additional service you were paying for).