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Working with SBSL Events

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SBSL event fires when something happens with your bot: other resident starts talking, sends an offer etc.

SBSL interpreter follows the commands you wrote for a specific event.

Event variables

Each event has its own variables predefined. These variables describe the details of the event: names, UUIDs and other data.

For example, the chat_message event has the following variables:

  • $speaker_name - the name of the avatar talking
  • $speaker_uuid - the UUID of the avatar
  • $message - message text

Variables can be substituted to the commands within events (see the example within the SBSL Commands section).

Event structure

Each event consists of name and commands to be completed (for complete list of SBSL commands, click here).

Each command takes exactly one line:

chat_message {
  im Manager Resident I've got the chat message: $message

This event forwards all chat messages to "Manager Resident" (note that $message will be replaced with the chat message text).

Events List

Click here to return to SBSL events list.