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Adding partners

Adding Partners

Group Tenancy add-on now allows to add business partners and splitting payments with them based on percentages.

IMPORTANT: The money for partners must remain in the Bot's Linden Balance. (Don't forget to keep sending your bot some funds!)

How this works

  • User adds a partner
  • Group Tenant makes a payment
  • Bot sends percentages to partners

How to add partners

You can add business partners by following these instructions:

  1. Visit Group Tenancy add-on page
  2. Click Add group
  3. Click Add partner
  4. Enter the partner's SL name and percentage split
Group Tenancy adding partner.png

How the percentages work: For example, if your Group Tenancy rental price is L$ 100 and you add a partner with 50% split - your partner receives L$ 50 on every payment.

Managing unpaid debts

In-order for Partners feature to work, you will need to keep sending your bot some money so it can send it to partners.

When you forget to do so, the Group Tenancy add-on page will inform you about Unpaid debts

Group Tenancy unpaid debts.png

How to get rid of unpaid debts:

  1. Click on Unpaid debts (Screenshot above)
  2. Send the Total debt amount to your bot in-world
  3. Click Pay on the debt record

Afterwards, the bot will send money to them automatically.

Group Tenancy pay debts.png

NOTE: If you've already paid your partners manually, through other method - click Ignore (Screenshot above)

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