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Registering Second Life bot

You have to create Second Life account for your bot before adding bot to SmartBots account. Registering the bot account is simple:

A. Create Second Life account

  1. Visit and create new SL account with required name, gender and password

B. Configure Second Life account

  1. Login to new bot's SL web account
  2. Set "Scripted Agent" status:
    1. open "Account" panel and click "Scripted Agent Status"
    2. click "Change" and "Yes, identify this account as a scripted agent or Bot"
    3. click "Save changes"

C. Initialize bot's appearance

  1. Use any SL viewer to login to new bot
  2. Accept the SL TOS
  3. Wait for appearance to load, and exit viewer.

Setup completed! Paste your bot's login and password to SmartBots account form, and click "Proceed".