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Personal Bot HUD

SmartBots Personal Bot HUD allows you to remotely control your Second Life bot.

Bot HUD 6.0 - Controls.png
The HUD consists of:
  • header buttons,
  • function tabs,
  • bot status buttons,
  • bot movement control panel.

HUD Header Buttons

HUD header buttons allows you to (from left to right):

  • drag your HUD on the screen with your mouse
  • open the Bot Live Chat window (displayed if there is a new message)
  • display help
  • minimize your HUD (click the HUD to restore it)

HUD Footer Buttons

HUD footer buttons allows you to:

  • logout current bot
  • send a login/logout/teleport/rebake command to ALL your bots
  • choose a bot to control

Tab: Tools

6.0 Bot Hud Tools.png

The "Tools" tab contains commands to navigate to certain add-ons:

IMPORTANT: In-order to open the following pages, you need to have the following add-ons purchased from our add-on store

Tab: Control

6.0 Bot Hud Controls.png

The "Control" tab contains commands to teleport, move and animate your bot:

  • Walk to me - moves bot to you if you're on same sim
  • Teleport - teleports bot to you or you to the bot
  • Animate - play/stop previously loaded animations from bot's inventory
  • Touch - bot touches the objects using Object UUID
  • Sit - sit on Bot Pose Stand or selected in-world object
  • Stand - make the bot stand up if sitting on an object

Tab: Setup

6.0 Bot Hud Setup.png

The "Setup" tab contains commands to setup a bot's behavior:

  • IM Autoreply - toggle bot's IM autoresponder (allows using custom PandoraBot chatbot)
  • Greeter - toggle greeter feature for this bot
  • Inviter - toggle group inviter for this bot
  • Accept inventory - toggle inventory acceptance (from other residents)
  • Accept groups - toggle group invitation acceptance

Movement panel

Bot HUD 6.0 - Movement.png

The movement panel allows to remotely control your bot by pressing arrows. It also contains a "fly" button which when presses toggles flight mode on or off. Normal movement buttons allow the bot to move forward and backward or rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise in the air. The panel can be hidden and shown at any time.

How To Get the HUD

There are two ways to get the SmartBots HUD:

  • Login to your SmartBots account and click "Your personal bots" menu.Choose "Bot control tools" and deliver HUD to your avatar.
  • Visit SmartBots in-world office and click on the "Devices container" for pop-up menu. Choose "Bot HUD" from the menu.