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Live IM Chat (add-on)

This is a bot add-on:

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New dashboard page LiveIms.png

Live IM Chat is a user-friendly web interface that allows receiving and sending IMs using your Personal Bot. Messages will arrive to recipients like from a normal avatar.

New Live IMs chat.png

The interface stores contacts/conversations on the left-side, allowing you to easily switch between them.

New messages

You will receive several types of notifications about new IMs:

  • On the Live IM Chat page, new IMs will be displayed on left side as unread conversation
  • Unread conversation will also display in the summary page along with other useful statistics (First screenshot above)
  • Bot HUD will play sound notification and display unread conversation envelope
    HUD message notification.png

(it may take 15-30 seconds for SmartBots HUD to display a new message notification icon).

Offline messages: If the bot owner is offline, the system will keep the unread message(s) until you come online. SmartBots will be using the Live Chat to provide the better quality support for all customers, both new and existing ones.

Additional Options

Additionally, Live IM Chat provides other cool functions that you can use for better chatting experience:

  • Sending teleport & friendship offers
  • Downloading IM Chat logs

(We only keep your logs for 2 weeks, it's recommended to take advantage of this option)

Features Live IM2.png

Integrations & Settings


How to purchase

See the Purchasing Add-Ons page for step-by-step add-on activation instructions.

Additional information

  1. This add-on can be used only with a Personal Bot.
  2. You can refund your add-on purchase within 3 days.