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Inviting bot to the group, viewer V1

(These instructions relate to SL V1 viewer, and all third-party viewers based on v1, e.g. Singularity, Firestorm. For v3 viewer help click here)

To utilize most SmartBots features you have to invite the bot to join your group first.

Invite bot to your group

To invite your bot into your group:

  1. Open the group profile:
    Group Profile.png
  • A) Select "Members & Roles" tab.
  • B) Select "Members"
  • C) Select "Invite new member"
2. Group Invitation panel opens, select open resident chooser:
Open Resident Chooser.png
3. Copy and paste the name of the bot and click find, then highlight the name and click "select":
Search for bot.png
4. Select the role you wish to invite the bot to and click "Send Invitations":
Send invite.png

The Bot will accept your invitation automatically as long as the group is free to join.

Note: For personal bots "Accept Group" must be enabled on the Personal Bot HUD.

Need more help?

If you experience any troubles, contact our managers in-world. They will guide you through the setup process.