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Debugging waypoints

When setting up Waypoints Navigator (read more about setup here), you can use several debugging methods to identify problems: such as where bot is getting stuck, what causes issues, etc.

You can read about debugging methods below

Debug to local chat

Debug to local chat.png

Enabling Debug to local chat option, will tell your bot to log each step into local chat.


  1. Switching to waypoints command #1: walk
  2. Switching to waypoints command #2: turn
  3. Switching to waypoints command #3: walk

You then have a clear log of the bot's current actions and can adjust it accordingly.

Start from specific step

Start from step.png

This option allows you to choose which step your bot will begin with. You may wish to have the bot start from the beginning where you have it in stand position, or you may choose to have it begin at a run command. Enter the number you wish to have the bot begin at and it will start from there and then cycle through the sequence.


Start pause.png

You can use this option to start or pause your bot in the middle of a sequence, make changes if needed then resume again, either from the beginning or from a new step.

What bot is doing right now?

What bot is doing.png

Ask your bot what it is doing and it will reply in local chat with the step it is currently actively taking.