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Waypoint Navigation Commands

The command list for WayPoints Navigation module is being constantly updated and new commands are being added, you can view currently available ones below:

1. Movement Commands

Command Description
Teleport Teleports your bot to any SL location
Walk Walk to any designated point by using coordinates.
Run Run to any designated point by using coordinates.
Turn Your bot turns to any Celsius degree heading

2. Avatar Commands

Command Description
Sit During the execution of commands, you can also make your bot sit on the object. (Requires object UUID).
Stand Tells bot to stand up from the object.
Animate Your bot will be able to animate the animation item from inventory (requires object UUID)
Sound Your bot will be able to play the sound item from inventory (requires object UUID)
Touch (Simple/Complex) Your bot will touch your specified object (by object UUID). Read below (Subject "Details") for more info about complex version.
Key Press Bot presses the keyboard keys. Read below (Subject "Details") for more info

3. Messaging

Command Description
Say Bot will send your specific message to local chat.
Wait.Msg Bot will await for your special command to execute next waypoint(s) via IM.

4. Program Controls

Command Description
Sleep Bot will wait for indicated amount of seconds
Repeat Your bot will jump back/ahead to any waypoint with specifiable amount of repeats

Any ideas?

For any specific wishes with commands, do not hesitate to contact our support!

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