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Waypoint Navigation Commands

This page contains a reference of actual Waypoints Navigation commands. We add new commands to the list, feel free to send us your wishes (see the "Ideas" section at the bottom).

1. Movement Commands

Command Description
Teleport Teleport to a SL location
Walk Walk to a designated region position.
Run Run to a designated region position.
Turn Turn to specific heading

2. Avatar Commands

Command Description
Sit Sit on object
Stand Stand up from an object
Animate Play the animation item from bot's inventory.
Sound Play the sound item from inventory
Key Press Bot presses the keyboard key. Read "Details" below for more info

3. World interaction

Command Description
Touch prim Touch your specified in-world object (by object UUID). See Waypoint Touching Prims page for more info.
Touch attachment Touch bot's attachment (wearable or HUD) by object name. See Waypoint Touching Prims page for more info.

4. Messaging

Command Description
Say Send message to local chat.
Wait.Msg Wait for a specific IM or local chat message to execute next waypoint.



  • Case sensitive - makes the match case sensitive. "BEGIN TOUR" command will be triggered by a "BEGIN TOUR" message, but won't be triggered by "start tour".
  • Partial match - match parts of the message. "start tour" command will be triggered by any of "start tour", "Please start tour", "start tour now" etc.

The most flexible match is to uncheck Case sensitive and check Partial match.

5. Program Controls

Command Description
Sleep Sleep (don't do nothing) for required time
Repeat Jump to a specific waypoint, with configurable amount of repeats

6. Helpers

Command Description
Section Break commands into sections for better organizing.

Any ideas?

If you get any wishes or requests, do not hesitate to contact our support!