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Waypoint Helper

General Information & Usage

SmartBots WayPoint Helper is a small device to help you configure your WayPoints Navigation add-on faster and quickly through Second Life.

Helper 1.png
  1. In-order to receive your helper device, please click on "get helper" in your configuration page of WayPoints add-on - accept the item in-world and wear it.
  2. Return to your configuration page, and click on "Listen for helper"
  3. Click "Connect"on your device in-order to synchronize it with your bot and enter your bot's SL name in the pop-up box
    Helper 2.png
  4. That's it! Now you can go ahead and click "Add waypoint" on your helper device, in-order to quickly insert the waypoint command(s) of your wish.
    Helper 4.png

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