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Waypoint Touching Prims

Automatic bot is often need to touch something in-world: a prim or attachment. (Attachments are also prims indeed. We separate in-world prims and attachments for easier reading).

Touching in-world prims

In-world prims can be touched by using their UUID:

  • Simple prims require UUID only.
  • Complex prims (like elevator buttons) may need more touch details: face U and V. To get these details (face, U and V), use our LSL helper script.

Touching bot attachments and HUDs

Touching attachments and HUDs is a bit different because these object change their UUID on every bot login.

Thus, you should use the object name to make a touch:


If your HUD has multiple buttons, determine the link number. Use Firestorm or a similar viewer, edit object and get the link number:

Get object linknum.jpg
  • The link number of the root prim is always "1".
  • Single-prim objects are also have link number = 1

IMPORTANT: Data availability

Please note that bot loads all nearby prims within 10-20 seconds after startup. Thus, bot may need more time to issue this command.