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Setting up waypoints

We assume that you've purchased the Waypoints Navigation add-on for your bot. Now it is time to set up some way points!

Setting Up Waypoints

  1. First, you'll need to navigate to the Waypoint Editor, you'll find it on the left hand side of your Account Dashboard
  2. To add a new waypoint, click the Add new waypoint button, this will bring up a list of the various types of points you can add.
    Waypoints 71.png
  3. After setting up your waypoints, click Save changes to apply the settings to the bot.

Tips and Hints

  • Touching prims - it is often required to touch something in-world automatically. Read this page for details.
  • Adding points in-world - to quickly add waypoints, use the Waypoint Helper device.
  • Check the full reference of Waypoints commands.


My bot stops before reaching the waypoint and skips to the next one.
It's possible that your bot is hitting something and getting stuck on the way to the waypoint.
Something else is going wrong?
Contact our live chat or in-world support for more help!