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SmartBots launching DevPortalHello fellow Residents! We are launching this blog & forum to share our experience we’ve collected while developing various things in Second Life.

This is a resource to publish technical info, discuss development stuff (related both to SmartBots and Second Life programming in general) and get help and advices.

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Developers (LSL scripters), server-side programmers regularly contact our support to ask questions. It is often difficult to provide the immediate and definite reply using live chat, so we decided to keep a small forum running here.

It will cover as much programming areas as possible: SmartBots API, in-world scripting, some website programming. We truly appreciate your questions and replies posted! Our developers (and me in a first place) will try to share our knowledge.

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Articles (or blog posts) is another important component of a DevPortal. We have some knowledge to share, some things to outline and some ideas to announce. The most efficient way is to publish them here, within the DevPortal since they will be lost in SmartBots general blog.

The very first article will demonstrate how do we manage the LSL code for our LSL projects using nice source code editor, C preprocessor and git. This makes a strange world of LSL scripting a bit more closer to a real world development :)

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