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All commands are invoked by calling llMessageLinked LSL function:

llMessageLinked( integer linknum, integer num, string str, key id )
  • num is a code of the command (see below)
  • str and id parameters depend on a particular command

See the AdminBot Examples for usage patterns.

AdminBot Commands List

The following commands are available within AdminBot library:

Command Description

Startup commands

SB_SETUP_SETGROUP Sets the working group. Other commands require this command to be invoked first.
SB_SETUP_SETGROUPUUID The same as SB_SETUP_SETGROUP, but uses group UUID instead of name.
SB_STATUS_QUERY Queries the AdminBot-selected group status (useful to determine the subscription length). Result is being returned using SB_STATUS_REPLY event
SB_RESET_ADMINBOT Invokes llResetScript() for AdminBot script.

Device settings commands

SB_SETUP_SETOPTIONS Sets various options for AdminBot.
SB_SETUP_DEVICENAME Sets the device name and device creator for your statistics purposes (you will be able to see who is using your device).
SB_SETUP_DEBUG Enables or disables the debug mode.
SB_SETUP_SETLINK Commands AdminBot to use specific link number for llMessageLinked calls instead of LINK_SET.

Group membership control

SB_INVITE_SEND Invites resident to the group.
SB_GROUP_EJECT Ejects specific resident from group.
SB_AVATAR_GROUP Checks if resident is a member of a specific group and returns result using SB_GROUP_CHECKED event.
SB_ADJUST_GROUP_ROLE Adds or removes the group role to the group member .

Group chat commands / spam control

SB_CHAT_SAY Sends your message to the group chat.
SB_CHAT_LISTEN Starts/stops listening to the group chat. Messages will come to you with SB_CHAT_MESSAGE event.
SB_CHAT_MUTE Mutes chat for a specific group member.

Group notices commands

SB_NOTICE_SEND Sends out the group notice.

The numeric values are available here: Commands and events values.