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HTTP API commands are being sent to the bot by calling a special HTTP URL:

The request can be either GET or POST. Read the Doing HTTP API Calls article for more info.


You can compose and test your queries using SmartBots API Testing Suite:

Available bot HTTP commands

Command Description


status Returns the online status of the bot.
login Initiates bot login sequence.
logout Initiates bot logout sequence.
set_http_callback Specifies your HTTP callback script to receive bot events (invitations, IMs etc).


im Sends an Instant Message to a specific user.
reply_dialog Virtually "presses" a pop-up dialog button (which was displayed by an in-world script).
say_chat_channel Says message over a specific chat channel.
typing_start Sends "typing" in chat to a specific user.
typing_stop Stops sending "typing" in chat to a specific user.


cancel_friendship Removes an avatar from the bots friend list.
edit_friendship Enables/Disables friend abilities such as Online Status, Show On Map, or Edit Rights
friendship_offer_accept Accept (or reject) a friendship offer sent by other avatar.
offer_friendship Offers friendship to a resident.


inventory_delete Deletes an item from the bot's inventory.
inventory_give Commands bot to send an inventory item or folder to specific avatar.
inventory_list Returns a list ofthe bot's inventory folder contents.
inventory_offer_accept Accept (or reject) an inventory invitation sent by other avatar or in-world script.
inventory_to_prim Put an item from inventory to in-world prim
notecard_create Create a notecard in the bot's inventory.
notecard_edit Edit a notecard in the bot's inventory.
notecard_read Edit a notecard in the bot's inventory.
texture_upload Uploads and creates a new texture in inventory


rebake Commands bot to rebake its appearance (reload its clothing and skin textures).
takeoff Removes a clothing item, body part or attachment (the opposite of the wear command).
wear Commands bot to wear a clothing item, body part or attach an object.

Group control

activate_group Activates a specific group (for example, to get build rights on the parcel).
activate_role Changes the active group tag/title to the corresponding role UUID.
group_info Returns the information about Second Life group.
group_join Tries to join a group by UUID.
group_leave Commands bot to leave the group specified by a UUID.
group_list2 Returns the bot's groups list as JSON.
group_offer_accept Accept (or reject) a group invitation sent by other avatar.
group_visibility Controls the group visibility in bot profile.
list_group_roles Returns a list the roles in given group.
listgroups Returns a list of the Second Life groups the bot is member of.
listgroups_extended Returns the bot's groups list, with additional details.

Group members and communications

group_invite Sends a group invitation to a specific resident.
group_eject Ejects residents from the group.
send_group_im Sends a message to group chat.
send_notice Sends a notice to the group.
setrole Puts member of a group in a specific role.


get_balance Returns avatar L$ balance.
give_money Commands bot to send money (L$) to specific avatar.
give_money_object Commands bot to send money (L$) to a specific object.

Avatar info

avatar_info Returns the specific avatar's info.
avatar_groups Returns a list of a resident's groups.
avatar_picks Returns a list of a resident's picks.
key2name Returns avatar Second Life name by UUID.
name2key Returns avatar UUID by Second Life name.
offer_teleport Sends a teleport offer to the resident.


move Start or stop bot movement and rotations.
walkto Walk to a position within the current region.
fly Commands the bot to fly.
sit Commands bot to sit on a specific prim.
teleport Teleports bot to specific location.
teleport_offer_accept Accept (or reject) a teleport offer sent by other avatar.

World interaction

attachments Returns a list of the bot's attachments (including HUD objects).
bot_location Returns the current location of the bot.
inworld_prim_take Takes or copies in-world prim into bot's inventory.
nearbyavatars_scan Scans current region for other avatars.
touch_attachment Touches an object attached to the bot (HUD or attachment).
touch_prim Touches a prim in-world.
touch_prim_coord Touches a prim in-world by using its coordinates.

Region (sim) control

sim_access Control access to the sim.
sim_kick Kicks resident (without banning from the sim)
sim_restart Begins the sim restart routine. Also used to cancel the restart routine previously started.
sim_return Returns objects of the specific resident from the sim.
sim_send_message Sends a message to all visitors of the sim.
region_info Gets the region info of a sim.

Parcel control

parcel_buy Purchases the parcel at specific point of the region
parcel_eject Ejects avatar from bot's current parcel
parcel_info Returns a lot of information about a parcel.
parcel_info_update Update parcel details, including the name, description and selling options
parcel_list Retrieves all parcels of the current sim


API frequency restrictions may be applied for numerous subsequent queries (especially messaging ones: im, send_group_im etc). We suggest maintaining about 3 seconds delay between the subsequent queries since SL also caps delivery at this rate.

SmartBots API query returns the following error message when you hit the frequency restriction: Frequent API requests throttled