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The Basics

This API kit has been created from scratch by RenderWorks to ease development of your online web services which integrate with SmartBots.

The PHP API is essentially a collection of php functions and methods which allow you to control your SmartBot, or several SmartBots via a PHP script. It also contains all of the traditional HTTP API functions and are called in a familiar, easy-to-use manner.

To get started, you will first need to know the basics of PHP programming. This documentation uses some terms which are specific to Object Orientated PHP programming, so it may be best to freshen yourself up on the terminology before continuing. Once you know this, please click on the 'getting started' section to learn how to connect this to your bot.

Once you've created something amazing with this API, please let us know so that we can share how you used it with others!

Want To Contribute?

At SmartBots and RenderWorks, we love seeing you create wonderful things with our resources. That's why we're letting you post your own contributions to the SmartBots PHP API via GitHub! Just visit this page and send us your edits for our code!

If you create anything from this API and think that we should share it with other users, please email us (see below) and we'll upload your code here for everyone to see!

Important Information

Please remember that this is a 3rd party adaptation of the HTTP API, so any issues should be reported to

This documentation can also be found on the RenderWorks website.