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Available Actions

This section shows all of the available actions which you can use with this API. Currently, all API actions available from SmartBots can be used with this API.

* indicates a required parameter, the command will not work if this parameter is left empty.

Action Method
login login( region*, custom );
logout logout( custom* );
set_http_callback set_http_callback( url, events*, custom );
activate_group activate_group( uuid*, custom );
attachment_touch attachment_touch( objectname*, linkset*, custom );
attachments attachments( skipnames, matchnames, matchuuid, custom );
avatar_groups avatar_groups( avatar*, skipnames, matchnames, matchuuid, custom );
avatar_picks avatar_picks( avatar*, skipnames, matchnames, matchuuid, custom );
get_balance get_balance( custom );
give_inventory give_inventory( avatar*, object*, custom );
give_money give_money( avatar*, amount*, comment, custom );
give_money_object give_money_object( object_uuid*, amount*, object_name, custom );
group_eject group_eject( avatar*, groupuuid*, custom );
group_invite group_invite( avatar*, groupuuid*, roleuuid*, check_membership, message, custom );
group_join group_join( groupuuid*, custom );
group_leave group_leave( groupuuid*, custom );
im im( slname*, message*, custom );
key2name key2name( uuid*, custom );
list_group_roles list_group_roles( groupuuid*, custom );
listgroups listgroups( custom );
listinventory listinventory( uuid, extended, custom );
move move( instruction*, param1*, custom );
name2key name2key( name*, custom );
offer_friendship offer_friendship( avatar*, message, custom );
offer_teleport offer_teleport( avatar*, message, custom );
parcel_info parcel_info( x, y, getvalue, custom );
rebake rebake( custom );
reply_dialog reply_dialog( channel*, object*, button*, custom );
say_chat_channel say_chat_channel( channel*, message*, custom );
send_group_im send_group_im( groupuuid*, message*, custom );
send_notice send_notice( groupuuid*, subject*, text*, attachment, custom );
setrole setrole( groupuuid*, roleuuid*, member*, custom );
sit sit( uuid*, save, custom );
takeoff takeoff( uuid*, custom );
teleport teleport( location*, custom );
touch_prim touch_prim( uuid*, custom );
touch_prim_coord touch_prim_coord( x*, y*, z*, precision, custom );
wear wear( uuid*, custom );

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