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Simple Group HTTP API (or Simple HTTP) has been created to easily invoke the basic group commands such as invite or eject.

Unlike the full-scale HTTP API, Simple Groups API does not require the knowledge UUIDs. It also returns the reply in simple plain form (see below).

To invoke Simple Group HTTP API command, call the following URL with required parameters:

The request can be either GET or POST. The returned value format is described down below.

Passing parameters to API URL

Imagine you need to call invite command to invite someone to your group.

  1. Take the Bot API URL:
  2. Add required parameters
  3. Get the response

The resulting query looks like this:

string params = llDumpList2String([
  "action="  + "invite",
  "apikey="  + llEscapeURL(yourApiKey),
  "secret="  + llEscapeURL(groupSecretCode),
  "group="   + llEscapeURL("My Group Name"),
  "slkey="   + (string)llDetectedKey(0),
  "force="   + "1",
  "message=" + llEscapeURL("Welcome!")],


Important notices

  • The group you are trying to use have to be listed in SmartBots account!
  • You may use groups with shared bot or personal bots.

Parsing HTTP Reply

Simple HTTP API returns the reply as a plain string. Thus, you just need to check if reply equals to "OK". Any other reply means that something wrong, e.g. "ACCESS DENIED" means wrong security code.


You can compose and test your queries using SmartBots API Testing Suite:

See also

Refer to Simple Groups API page for information on API commands available.