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This section describes how to communicate with the TotalControl script: manage it to login / logout your bot, talk over and listen to bot chat etc.

Interacting with TotalControl

The two-way communication is performed by using commands and events:


your script => bot
bot => your script
These are the commands you send to the bot (initialization, group invitation etc).

TotalControl Commands section contains the full list of the commands.

Events are notifications being sent from the bot to your script (error messages, group chat IMs etc).

TotalControl Events section contains all events which can be sent by TotalControl to your script.

How to send commands

Use LSL llMessageLinked function to send commands to the bot.


How to receive events

Use link_message LSL event to catch the events from the bot.

link_message(integer sender, integer cmd, string data, key id) {
    debug("My balance is: " + data);

Was the command successful?

TotalControl invokes events to send you the command result.

Your script work

  1. Initialize TotalControl (set bot name): Initializing TotalControl
  2. Send commands
  3. Receive events


We've provided examples on the most important functions of TotalControl. They are available here: TotalControl Examples.