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Welcome to SmartBots Developers wiki!

Historically, we kept the developers documentation in our common docs here. We will be moving articles to this website little by little.

SmartBots provides various ways for developer to control bots, send group invitations, manage notices etc etc. Here are the most important of them:

Control SmartBots from other languages

Write complete programs for bots

Currently we are working on javascript-based bot programming suite: Bot Playground (read the blog post here).

Play@SmartBots is our major subproject now. This is a very powerful programming suite: you write programs in pure JavaScript, powered with callback events and necessary commands to control your bot. These documentation pages will describe it in a first place.

Play@SmartBots is a replacement for SBSL (SmartBots Scripting Language).

Publishing your devices

If your device or web project uses SmartBots, you can use these logos.