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Welcome to SmartBots Developers wiki!

We consider in-world developers as one of the most important users of SmartBots (we even have a dedicated wiki for you!). The most advanced (and documented) tools are targeted to SL scripters and programmers.

SmartBots provides various ways for developer to control bots, send group invitations, manage notices etc etc.

Bot or group?

There are two approaches to control:

  1. Bot-centric - this means you want to control your bot. Walk, talk, manage groups, talk in groups. This is possible if you own a Personal Bot at SmartBots.
  2. Group-centric - this means you consider the group being important (yeah, there's a bot behind it... but you don't care the location of the bot, its appearance etc).

Ways to write programs for SmartBots

We also have a PHP wrapper for HTTP API: PHP API

Finally, the old way, SBSL (easy but not recommended): SmartBots Scripting Language.

Publishing your devices

If your device or web project uses SmartBots, you can use these logos.