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SmartBots TotalControl is a script library to control Second Life bot from LSL script.


Major Features

  • Login / Logout your Bot
  • Send IMs, chat messages with your Bot
  • Send inventory

All you need is to call llMessageLinked LSL function:

// Send out group invite on touch
touch_start(integer num) {
    llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, BOT_GROUP_INVITE, groupUUID + "\n" + roleUUID, llDetectedKey(0));

All these features are available out-of-the-box! All you need to is an active personal bot with SmartBots.

Get TotalControl

Get TotalControl for free in SmartBots Store at the SL Marketplace: click here.

TotalControl reference

All TotalControl commands and events are explained at Documentation page.

TotalControl examples

Usage examples are available at Examples page.