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SSTI (SmartShare Tenant Inviter) updated

SmartShare Tenant Inviter (the group and tenants management tool) has been updated.

Previously, only one SSTI server was allowed to be installed on the sim (since SSTI boxes automatically fetch configuration from the main server). Now you can install as much SSTI servers as you need.

This can be done by specifying the “CLOUD” option which assigns SSTI server to another cloud rather than a default one.

The update is backward compatible, thus you can leave you existing SSTI infrastructure untouched, and just add new SSTI server within a different cloud.

The SSTI box is available for free at SL Marketplace.

The issue with some of personal bots fixed

We were updating one of the bot servers (the 2nd of 5 we have) and got stuck with a minor issue which turned out into a real problem: the ISP network outage during update caused the server to lock up.

Personal bots living on that server were affected, it took few hours to relaunch them (we maintain a live backup of all running bots, but this system update was related to backup itself).

We deeply sorry for that! We are adding 3 days to all affected bots, hope this will compensate the inconvenience.