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SmartBots Black Friday Week!

We glad to serve you your Second Life business for more than 10 years!

SmartBots is the biggest Second Life bot hosting (and group tools) company! And working to deliver the best services with unbeatable prices and quality.

We present you the Black Friday Week specials: add-on bundles with a great discount. (more…)

Do more with Smartbots #06

Imagine a world where your bot could tell your customers everything they want to know, how do your services work, how much they cost, which kind of services you provide or where they can find you when you are not on Second Life.
Now back to reality, using the Instant Message Autoresponder you can do that!

Setup keywords and their respective answers to customize your bot and how it will interact with your customers!


The Advanced Notices feature list is available here Instant Message Autoresponder add-on.

Get the add-on

Use the coupon code DOMORESB06 to get 30% discount on Instant Message Autoresponder add-on.

This offer is valid from November 11th until November 19th.

Feel free to contact our 24/7 Live Chat Support for any questions

SmartBots helpdesk with tickets

We are launching a Tickets Support Portal to give you an alternative to our Live Chat.

Sometimes you prefer ticket over a live chat; sometimes the problem is complex so we want to keep you informed about the progress. In all cases, tickets portal is a must-have support tool!

Use SmartBots tickets portal to post your question from now on!

Do more with Smartbots #05

Second Life is all about how you advertise your event, product, place or service. One of the most efficient ways to keep your customers aware of you, is using notices! But imagine yourself sending notices, one at a time in multiples groups, in a daily basis…

Stop spending time sending notices manually!

Create notices for multiple groups, select when it will be sent or how often it will be sent.

The Advanced Notices is all you need to be noticed out there!


The Advanced Notices feature list is available here Advanced Notices add-on.

Get the add-on

Use the coupon code DOMORESB05 to get 20% discount on Advanced Notices add-on.

This offer is valid from November 6th until November 12th.

Feel free to contact our 24/7 Live Chat Support for any questions