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Mass pay: multiple group prolongation with one click

The bulk payment routine has been added to prolong two or more groups.

If you have a lot of Second Life groups with SmartBots it may be boring to prolong the subscription  one-by-one. Now you can prolong them at once, with a single payment.

The “mass payment” link is located over your groups listing (the “mass pay tool” link).

SmartBots localization started

We’ve started the SmartBot localization today. The system will be available in several languages: website pages, accounts and in-world tools.

Currently we plan to translate SmartBots to Italian, German,  Russian and Polish. Further localization will follow and will provide the easy access for customers all over the world.

Another language? Or able to help?

If you want to see SmartBots in your language (not mentioned above), please IM Glaznah Gassner in-world. If you can help us translating the service, IM us as well – we appreciate any help!