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New Alive Bots for Clubs!

Barkeeper - alive Second Life bot by SmartBotsAre you one of the many club owners that use SmartBots and whose visitors love to see a club full of people and looking “alive”?

Then these new club themed bot modules are for you! Introducing the set of themed alive bots for clubs to entertain visitors as well as bring additional income to the club.


The “Sim Governor” module has been released

Sim Governor module is released!We’ve released the “Sim Governor” module: the addon for your SmartBots bot to manage your sim!

The core functions of the module are:

  • Manage the sim access list (ban residents, add them to access list)
  • Eject residents without banning them
  • Send sim-wide messages
  • Restart the sim

Plus an unique feature beyond the SL viewer functionality:

  • Check the sim ban list for dead accounts.


Increasing security of SmartBots

SmartBots is secure accounts with encryptionWe are working to increase the security of SmartBots accounts.

While internal data was properly secured from the very beginning, the external connections (accounts in particular) were not using SSL till now. We are beginning the system-wide update process to raise the security to present-day requirements.

This will be done in two steps:

  1. The first step is to secure all website sections: accounts, BotStore, HTTP API and API testing suites. This step has been done, and now your account connection is always secure:
    SmartBots is SSL encrypted
  2. The second step is implementing a two-factor authentication to login to SmartBots account. This feature will be added a bit later, with an ability to turn it on by request (since you may not want to list your phone number with us).

Please post a reply to this post or submit a ticket if you experience any troubles with new secured sections of website, have any wishes or suggestion on a further security measures.

Your bot has been invited to the paid group? Not a problem now.

Second Life bot: how to reject paid SL groupsWe’ve changed the way your bots replies to paid group invitations (sent by other residents to the bot). Previously, there were two ways: (a) you stopped your bot from accepting any requests or (b) you allow your bot to accept invitations.

Thus, if you allow your bot to accept an  invitation, the bot was accepting paid groups too.

Now bots act in a different way if a resident invites it to the non-free group:

  1. Bot sends IM to the inviter, asking to give it the money to join the group.
  2. After receiving the required amount of money (within a single payment) bot joins the group.

This does not affect bot owner inviting the bot into a group – bot accepts your invitation even if “Accept group invitations” option is off.

This measure protects your bot even if you forget to turn off the “Accept group invitations” option in the Bot Control Panel. You don’t need to do anything, bots are powered with this new function already.

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