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Advanced Bot HUD by RenderWorks!

A new HUD created by RenderWorks has been added to the bot store!

The Advanced Bot HUD is packed with the following features:

  • Ability to move your bot, sit, teleport and fly from one HUD.
  • Send notices, Group IMs and Personal IMs.
  • Virtually NO lag (uses SmartBots HTTP API).
  • Send L$ and friendship requests!
  • Ability to convert keys to names, and names to keys!

For a full list of the features please visit this plugin’s bot store page.

‘offer_teleport’ HTTP API Command!

New HTTP API command: sit The HTTP API library has been expanded with a new command!:

offer_teleport – Commands bot to send a teleport request to an avatar with a custom message (optional).

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment on the docs page!


Upcoming Server Maintenance

Upcoming maintenance notificationWe are currently experiencing some issues with one of the storage drives in our server cluster. We will be replacing the drive at approximately 09:00AM SLT and is expected to take around one hour.

Some personal and shared bots may go offline, however they will be back so please bare with us.

We will post an update to this blog post as soon as operation is complete.

SupportBot management interface got updated

SupportBots module has been published!Support Bot management interface has been updated to make a requests management easier.

Along with this, notification delivery functions of Support Bot has been improved: messages sent to your support managers are being delivered in a reliable manner now.

 About SupportBot

Support Bot is your SL alt which sits in your in-world office 24/7 and accepts messages from your visitors and customers. Incoming messages are being forwarded to your human support managers, with an ability for you to track this using the web interface.

We have a nice video explaining the nature of Support Bot module.

This is how Support Bot interface looks now:


You can get Support Bot module in our Store. As usual, an update-related discount coupon: use SUPPORTISCHEAPER coupon code to get 50% discount (valid for 4 days only!).